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December 06, 2012

Truth-Telling at the Lincoln Museum

Around 500 AFSCME members put on a spirited protest in Springfield today as the Quinn Truth Squad showed Gov. Pat Quinn that state workers won't stay quiet in their demand for a fair contract and the pensions they were promised.

Chanting loudly as Quinn attended an event at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, members from 10 locals - joined by the Illinois NAACP - made sure they were heard.

"He was supposed to be in an all-glass atrium but he didn't want to be in such close proximity our people," said Council 31 regional director Jeff Bigelow. "But our demonstration was so large and spirited that everyone in a seven-block radius knew we were there."

AFSCME's Truth Squad has been tailing Quinn around the state, spreading the word about his disrespect for the collective bargaining process, his effort to undermine the retirement security of state workers and his dangerous cutbacks to services Illinoisans depend on every day.