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February 27, 2019

City of Chicago election results

AFSCME-endorsed candidates fared well in the first round of voting in Chicago's municipal election on February 26. Click here to volunteer to help pro-worker candidates cross the finish line in the April 2 run-off election.

The AFSCME Region I PEOPLE Committee comprised of AFSCME local union leaders in Chicago and the surrounding area endorsed the following candidates in aldermanic and city-wide contests.

A W indicates a win, an L a loss. An R indicates a run-off. TBD indicates a race that is still too close to call.

Mayor: No endorsement. Lori Lightfoot and Toni Preckwinkle were the top two vote-getters and will face off in the run-off.

Clerk: Anna Valencia* W

Treasurer: Melissa Conyears-Ervin R

City Council:

Ward 3. Pat Dowell* W
Ward 4. Sophia King* W
Ward 5. Leslie Hairston* R
Ward 6. Roderick Sawyer* W
Ward 10. Sue Sadlowski Garza* W
Ward 11. Patrick Daley Thompson* W
Ward 12. George Cardenas* W
Ward 14. Tanya Patiño L
Ward 15. Raymond Lopez* R
Ward 16. Toni Foulkes* R
Ward 17. David Moore* W
Ward 18. Derrick Curtis* W
Ward 19. Matthew O’Shea* W
Ward 20. Jeanette Taylor R
Ward 21. Howard Brookins* W
Ward 22. Michael Rodriguez W
Ward 23. Silvana Tabares* W
Ward 24. Michael Scott* W
Ward 26. Roberto Maldonado* W
Ward 27. Walter Burnett* W
Ward 28. Jason Ervin* W
Ward 29. Chris Taliaferro* W
Ward 30. Ariel Reboyras* W
Ward 31. Milly Santiago* R
Ward 34. Carrie Austin* W
Ward 35. Carlos Ramirez Rosa* W
Ward 37. Emma Mitts* W
Ward 38. Nicholas Sposato* W
Ward 41. Anthony Napolitano* W
Ward 43. Derek Lindblom R
Ward 45. John Arena* L
Ward 46. James Cappleman* R
Ward 48. Harry Osterman* W
Ward 49. Maria Hadden W
Ward 50. Debra Silverstein* W

* = incumbent