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May 02, 2022

Let’s vote together!

We need elected officials in our local, state and federal offices that value public services and the workers who provide them. Let’s vote together to make our voices heard!

Election 2022

Primary Election Day is June 28 in Illinois, but the voting process is getting underway with early voting and vote-by-mail. Here’s everything you need to know:

Primary Election Endorsements

AFSCME Illinois PEOPLE has endorsed the following candidates in the 2022 Primary Election. State legislative incumbents are noted by inclusion of their AFSCME PEOPLE voting record. AFSCME does not typically endorse in uncontested races. Federal and statewide endorsements will be made at the PEOPLE Conference on May 14.


Democratic Primary

Senate District 2: Omar Aquino (100%)

Senate District 10: Robert Martwick (100%)

Senate District 12: Celina Villanueva (100%)

Senate District 16: La’Mont Raymond Williams

Senate District 43: Eric Mattson

House District 4: Lilian Jiménez

House District 6: Sonya Harper (100%)

House District 15: Michael Kelly (100%)

House District 16: Denyse Wang-Stoneback (100%)

House District 19: Lindsey LaPointe (100%)

House District 21: Michael Zalewski (100%)

House District 25: Curtis Tarver (85%)

House District 27: Justin Slaughter (93%)

House District 29: Thaddeus Jones (85%)

House District 72: Gregg Johnson

House District 77: Kathleen Willis (100%)

House District 83: Matt Hanson

House District 98: Natalie Manley (100%)

Republican Primary

House District 75: David Welter (67%)

House District 90: Mark Szula

House District 93: Mark Luft (73%)

House District 117: Ron Ellis

House District 118: Aaron Robert Smith


Democratic Primary

President: Toni Preckwinkle

County Board District 2: Dennis Deer (100%)

County Board District 8: Luis Arroyo, Jr (100%)

County Board District 16: Frank Aguilar (100%)

County Board District 17: Daniel Calandriello


Democratic Primary

County Board District 11: Walter Lindwall  


Democratic Primary

County Board District 7: Diane Hewitt

County Board District 9: Mary Ross-Cunningham


Democratic Primary

County Board District 8: Michael Holliday, Sr.

County Board District 10: Gussie Glasper

Republican Primary

Treasurer: Chris Slusser

Sheriff: Jeff Connor

County Board District 20: Denise Wiehardt

County Board District 21: John "Eric" Foster


Democratic Primary

County Board District 2 (Vote for Two): John K. Collins & Thomas M. Pavelko


Democratic Primary

Sheriff: Marcus Herbert & Darren Hart (dual endorsement)


Republican Primary

County Clerk: Michael Delgado