Personal Support Program

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Contact PSP

To receive help, call 1-800-647-8776 (TTY 1-800-526-0844) from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, to schedule day, evening or weekend appointments (in some locations).

If you call at other times, you may leave a confidential message or receive taped information about what to do in an emergency.


When you call, PSP will discuss with you how quickly you would like an appointment and will help you select the office location most convenient to you. In most cases the appointment can be scheduled during your first call; in some situations PSP will take your name and the best times and telephone number at which to reach you, and a counselor will call you back to schedule your appointment.


Sometimes a caller may wish to consult with PSP about someone, family or friend, for whom they are concerned. Callers may include Council 31 staff, union leadership, union bothers and sisters, family members, friends and even supervisors, labor relations, or human resources staff. PSP will be glad to "problem-solve" with the caller.


Sometimes people may have general questions about PSP or they might be seeking information about a specific topic. Feel free to call us if you're uncertain or have questions about a particular issue. If we can't help you directly, we'll try to find resources for you or may suggest an appointment where we can explore things in more detail together.

Groups & Workshops

The PSP offers a variety of free groups and workshops designed to be educational, help prevent problems, and/or give attendees tools that they can use to manage existing concerns. Groups and workshops can be requested by calling your AFSCME Local President, Staff Representative or PSP directly at 1-800-647-8776. Workshops can be offered in one-, two- or three-hour modules. Topics include:

Additional topics may be developed, upon request.