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PEOPLE's Endorsement Process

Elected officials can dramatically affect the lives of  AFSCME members. That's why the AFSCME PEOPLE program has established an endorsement process to give members the information they need to make the best choices on Election Day.

The process is democratic — all local unions can participate. By setting up such a process, AFSCME "speaks with one voice."

Each PEOPLE committee uses a variety of tools to decide who to endorse in a particular race. Voting records, questionnaires, candidate interviews, and information provided by the legislative staff are all considered.

Party affiliation is not a basis for endorsement. The bottom line is the candidate's support for issues that benefit working families.

During election seasons, the candidates that AFSCME Council 31 recommends will be listed on this website. Check our endorsements, print them out, and take them with you to the polls on election day.

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